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Master Post of Resources - SAVE CASTLE CAMPAIGN

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MEM this post. I will be constantly making updates so you can refer to this for the latest contact information and resources.

You can now follow these updates on Twitter! http://twitter.com/SaveCastle

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we show our support for Castle now! Please don't brush this off thinking "Eh, Castle will be fine." That is exactly not the attitude we want. Whether you believe the danger or not, it's important that we show our support so they know we want a second season.


| FAQ | Contact TPTB | Telephone Support | Postal Support | Internet Support | Campaigns | Chess Pieces | Pens | Save Castle Videos | Other Ways to Campaign | Where to Buy | Where to Watch | Where to Vote | Ratings and News |

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Castle really in trouble?
Castle is absolutely in serious danger of being canceled. It started strong for the first two episodes, but then the Neilson ratings have been dropping steeply. This is what makes or breaks a show, and it's not looking good for Castle. You can find more information under the cut. There are links aplenty to ratings resources and articles on the matter.

Q. I live outside of the US. What can I do to help?
If you live out of the US, you will not be able to call, watch the episodes on ABC, Hulu, or download them on iTunes. However, there is so much you can do to help. Definitely email, write if you can, vote in the polls, participate in the campaigns, pre-order the DVD, write reviews, and most importantly, spread the word! This will only be a strong as we make it, so make it count! You can direct people to this post by using this easy URL: http://tinyurl.com/savecastletv or http://bit.ly/savecastle

Q. When will we know the final word?
ABC will announce the shows it is keeping/canceling May 19, 2009. Our support right now is crucial. We need to get their attention before they make their decision. Once they do, we can't hope to change their minds.

Below the cut you'll find everything you need -- contact information, campaign ideas and resources, and a ton of information on how you can help.

Contact The Powers That Be


Telephone Support

1-818-460-7477 (within the USA): Follow the prompts and leave your 30 second message on the hotline answering machine.
Press 1 for "ABC Television Network"
Press 2 for "Leave Comment"
Presss 2 for "Prime time shows"
Enter 226 for "Castle"

perrysburggirl remarks that, if you're having trouble getting through, you might have to push the numbers just before prompted. Hope that helps!

Postal Support

Castle TV
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

This is where you can send your letters of support of Castle to ABC in general, or Nathan and/or Stana, as well as chess pieces/pens or anything else found in the campaign section below.

Internet Support

ABC Contact Form of Support HERE.
You can also send emails to: stephen.mcpherson@abc.com, anne.sweeney@abc.com, ellen.archer@abc.com, tim.mcneal@abc.com, alex.wallau@abc.com
preston.a.davis@abc.com, albert.cheng@abc.com, jewell.engstrom@abc.com, jim.hedges@abc.com

Tips: Be positive. Instead of asking them not to cancel, try to focus your message on how much you love Castle and why. You can mention you'd like to see it around for another season and many more. But try to avoid mentioning "cancelation" at all. The phone calls are the best thing you can do to help. The next best thing is good old snail mail. E-mail is the easiest so it doesn't count as much, but you can do it EVERY DAY with 60 good seconds. Do it as much as you can.
You can also try addressing your snail mail to Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic to show your support.



Chess Pieces

Description: There are two parts to this. First is to send in the rook pieces along with messages that say "Save Castle" or "Long Live Castle" or anything along those lines. The other part is (since you'll be losing the rooks from your sets anyways) send in the other pieces separately, each with messages along the lines of "I'm sacrificing my ___ to protect my Castle."
Resources: You can buy chess sets on Amazon here for about four dollars. Also try your local stores, such as Target or Walmart or any other game stores.
You can view chess-piece message postcards here and/or download the full-scale versions here [12 files] [5250 x 4125] [10.03 MB]
Tips: If you can, separate your pieces. If you have two rooks in a set, send them separately. This will increase the volume of mail. When sending the other pieces, do the same. Use a small padded envelope, rather than a box or a regular envelope or tape-to-postcards.
Also keep in mind, the name of Castle's publishing company is Black Pawn. I'm sure you can be creative with that too when sending in the black pawn chess pieces!


Description: Similar to the chess piece campaign, alternatively (or additionally) you can send in pens with messages along the lines of "Keep Writing Castle." Be as creative as you want/can with this -- remember, Castle himself is a writer.

Save Castle Videos

Description: This one's easy -- just make a video of yourself presenting your case for why Castle should be saved! You can be creative with this (for example, if you don't want to show your face, you can do voice over, or just edit clips -- whatever you want!)
Resources: Check out iReport's submission page. Your video might end up on CNN!


Description: Anything else you can do to promote Castle and this project on the internet is great! The internet is viral -- let's take advantage of it!
Here are some Facebook links: Castle Fan Page | Save Castle Group | Castle Fans Group | CASTLE Group
Don't forget you can ask Nathan your questions about CASTLE here! Post by Friday morning, and his answers will be up Monday morning before the finale!
Resources: Here are some graphics made by people in the community. Post yours and I'll edit yours in with credit!

by perrysburggirl

by perrysburggirl

by michygeary

by michygeary

by michygeary

by perrysburggirl

by michygeary

by love_besos

Where to Buy


DVD on Amazon

Description:This one is very important, this shows directly that ABC can make money from the show.
Season 1 is available for pre order now and is due to be released in September.
And don't forget to write a 5-star review.

Episodes on iTunes

Description:I know you're probably all downloading them for free anyway, but if you can spare a few bucks, download the episodes (even if just your favorites) here:
Season 1 of Castle on iTunes.

Where to Watch

       Description: They do keep track of views on Hulu and ABC.com, so be sure to load a few up!
You can also watch some of the clips here on YouTube! Go ahead and put it on auto play. That'll rack up the views, and if you're watching them, give 'em five stars. :)

Where to Vote

Write a 5-star review on Amazon.
Give Castle 10-stars on IMDB.

Tips: If you delete your browser's cookies, you can vote more than once on the first two polls! In the case of BuddyTV, you don't even have to -- you can vote every 60 seconds or so.

Ratings and News

       Description: Neilson ratings are absolutely crucial in deciding a show's fate. Right now, Castle is in serious trouble. You can keep up to date with the current news on the links below.
Season One Ratings at Castle's Capers
ABC Show Ratings at TVByTheNumbers
When Will You Know If Your Show Is Canceled or Renewed?

(most recent at the top)

Castle Renewed, Scrubs too (05/15/2009) - While only a month ago, this would've surprised us, given the last few weeks we are not surprised to hear that Castle has been renewed. We are still in shock over Dollhouse, that Castle has us feeling, "Yeah, so, who didn’t see that coming?" We're not surprised, and compared to Dollhouse, Castle's renewal seemed certain at this point!
ABC renews 'Castle,' orders two 'Towns' (05/15/2009) - Midseason drama "Castle," also from ABC Studios, was renewed for a second season.
Monday Ratings: House wins, Castle hangs on (05/11/09) - Because of that drop, I don't think Castle dropping from last week's 2.8 to last night's 2.5 adults 18-49 rating is going to hurt its recently improved chances for renewal.
ABC Pulls Surviving Suburbia from Schedule, Slots Castle After Dancing (05/07/2009) - Castle's chances at renewal, which improved significantly after its outing on Monday, just got a lot better with the news that ABC is removing Surviving Suburbia from the lineup and putting Castle right after Dancing with the Stars. On the other hand, the survival chances of Suburbia just took a hit. Maybe not a fatal one, but it’s certainly not good news. (etc)
Up in Viewers for the 3rd Straight Week, Season's Penultimate Telecast of ABC's "Castle" Beats Second Hour of NBC's "Medium" (05/07/2009) - Growing its overall audience for the 3rd week in a row, ABC’s “Castle” placed second at 10:00 p.m. to CBS’s veteran drama, "CSI: Miami," outperforming the second hour of NBC's "Medium" season finale by 1.9 million viewers (10.0 million vs. 8.1 million) and by 12% in Adults 18-49 (2.8/7 vs. 2.5/7). In addition, the season's penultimate episode of the ABC freshman drama saw its largest audience and highest young adult performance in 7 weeks - since 3/19/09.
Monday Ratings: ABC Wins As Castle Surges After Dancing (05/07/2009) - ABC won the night, as Castle, following directly after Dancing with the Stars surged to its best 18-49 rating (2.8) in weeks. I’ve been down on the show’s renewal chances, as you’d have to be after last week’s 2.1, but I think last night may have just saved it.
Castle’s Future Hangs By A Thread (05/06/2009) - Overnight ratings for this Monday are still delayed, so we don’t know how Castle did, but last Monday it managed only a 2.1 in the all important 18-49 demo. Even though its average says "renew" its latest numbers say "cancel." I think the only chance it has for renewal is that ABC’s first and second year scripted shows have been an absolute disaster this season. They may have to bring it back out of desperation.
Fall TV Cheat Sheet: What's In, What's Out? - Castle: Could go either way.
Fall TV Scorecard: Which Shows Are Returning? Which Aren't? (04/30/2009)
USA Today "Save Our Shows" Suvey Results! - But the most startling show of support came for ABC's Castle, which premiered last month to modest ratings: 39% want it back, fourth in the poll.
Surviving Suburbia, Samantha Who? And Castle Sit On ABC’s Bubble (04/28/2009) - Castle started reasonably strong, but has weakened substantially, and last night managed only a 2.1 in the all important 18-49 demo. That’s cancel territory. Surviving Suburbia has the plum post-Dancing slot and slipped last night to a 2.4 18-49 demo rating, that’s marginal for renewal. If I had to make the call today, and ABC’s upfront meeting isn’t until May 19, I’d give the thumbs up to Samantha and Suburbia and down to Castle.
Castle: Ghosts - open thread - The latest buzz is that ABC will actually renew this show for a second season, though we won't know officially for a couple more weeks, at the network's upfront presentation.
2009 TV Shows on the Bubble
Updated Monday Ratings: Chuck, Heroes finales, Castle hanging on? (04/27/2009) - Meanwhile, ABC's Castle averaged a 2.1 rating with adults 18-49. I know fans are wondering about the fate of Castle. It was off .1 with adults 18-49 vs. last week when it faced a repeat of The Mentalist instead of a new CSI: Miami. The good news is, it seems to have stabilized, but I'm not sure if stabilizing at a 2.1 is good news. The bad news is it lost viewers in its second half hour. But then again, so did 24.
Updated Monday Ratings: Chuck idles, Castle inches up vs. rerun (04/21/2009) - But the repeat on CBS was at least a little good news for Castle fans, it rose to a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Last week Castle pulled a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating (before dropping to 1.9 in the final numbers). Figure that due to a minute or two of Dancing With the Stars overrun it could go down a tenth again in the final numbers.
San Francisco Chronicle TV columnist: Castle survives, Dollhouse needs miracle and…Chuck (04/19/2009) - "Castle," ABC. Look for a renewal here." Some commenters certainly agree with him. Based on the recent ratings trends, we're not nearly as confident.
Fringe and Lie to Me destined to be renewed (04/15/2009) - While many have some doubts about what will happen with ABC's Cupid and Castle, I don't.
Castle and Cupid are destined to be canceled (04/14/2009) - Over the weekend a friend of mine told me she like this show, and knowing about this blog (but not actually READING it) asked me what I thought would happen. I winced. She noticed, and her response was "Noooo!". I suspect there are many who share that sentiment. But, I'm wincing even more now. Last week Castle was 41st overall with a 2.3 rating. If it were on NBC, maybe. But a.) it's not on NBC and b.) it keeps going down. In preliminary numbers for last night it had a 2.0 rating with adults 18-49. The trend isn't its friend and I don't think ABC would consider bringing it back if it can't consistently pull 2.5 ratings. But at a 2.0, there's no way the network brings it back.

If you have any information, links, postcards, designs, etc, PLEASE post here and I will update this post!

Our support is crucial! Please do any/all of the above, every day, tell your friends, spread it around the internet, do everything you can!

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