June 4th, 2009


Nathan talking about Castle and Firelfy

There was an interview with Nathan Fillion on Castle and Firefly in Australia's Daily Telegraph on Wednesday. It's pretty short so I thought I'd type it out.

Your show has been likened to many programs. What do you think about the Californication comparison?

I like that one Californication's a little darker, right? Well, [comparing] is what people do. People have to be able to give it a name. Writers or anyone publishing anything about the show have to have a way to communicate its mood or its feel to someone else and that's how you do it.

Do you enjoy playing a crime novelist?
You know what, I really like him. Every day for Castle is a little adventure. He's so excited and kind of boyish in his enthusiasm. He's childish or childlike in that he's very egocentric - he's very 'I don't care about anybody else'. If anything he's a little bit careless with what he says, but at the same time he's not mean or evil. You kind of forgive him.

What do you draw inspiration from to play Richard Castle?
I'll look to the writing for inspiration. I take a look at his character and his history and talk to Andrew [series creator and scriptwriter Andrew W. Marlowe] aout what sort of kid Castle was growing up, what he was like, what was his mum like - and then we get into this kind of realm, and I see what kind of person he is by the choices he makes.

You drew a legion of fans playing Captain Malcolm Reynolds in sci-fi series Firefly. Do you ever hope to put that role behind you?

I would hate to put that behind me, I really like that guy. If I get typecast as Captain Malcolm Reynolds I'd be a happy guy. I wouldn't trade that for anything. And it's not a problem. Maybe if you were identified only ever as one thing - but I haven't had that problem.

(btw i didn't think this warranted a cut, but i'll be happy to edit if anyone wants me to)